January 26, 2012

Quick Mix Tip

Nope, it's not music, it's.... Tea!

People tell us womens (yup) that drinking raspberry leaf tea is good for us, which it really is. But the sad truth of the matter is that raspberry leaf tea tastes like...well... leaves. With maybe a little bit of earthy dirtness thrown in for good measure. But *trumpet sounds* it doesn't have to! My trick for making raspberry leaf tea taste better is to make it per its directions and then, in the last five minutes of steeping time I add Raspberry Zinger tea bags to the mix (because I do like Raspberries), and then finish it off with just a dot of honey. Ta da! Better tea, just like that.



  1. Mmm, nice! I always put lemon in mine....actually, for some reason I kind of liked the leaves/dirt taste. Lol, maybe it is my version of pica?

    (Oh, and just a note: they say that you shouldn't consume chicory while you're pregnant, so maybe to be safe don't mix Raspberry Zinger with your tea when you're actually pregnant. Although I'm sure it's an incredibly small amount... :))

  2. Hmm... I did go look it up and you're right, they say to not use chicory while pregnant/breastfeeding. *psh* I'll have to find a new tea for a while. You're so good at stuff like this, how do you know these things? Do you read all the labels and look up the ingredients you aren't sure of?

  3. Haha, because I wanted to do herbal remedies for things like colds/flus, I needed to look up a bunch of herbs and see which ones were safe for pregnancy, so I ended up reading a bunch of bad-for-pregnancy herb lists. Most things are actually fine in "food doses" but not medicinally. So the tiny bit of chicory in the tea *probably* wouldn't hurt you & Addie, but if you want to be safe you can skip it. :)

    Oregano is another one they say not to take, for instance, but it's actually fine if you're just sprinkling a bit into your spaghetti. If you take it medicinally, it can make your supply dry up.

    (I guess another reason I know these things is because I am still a little paranoid about my supply drying up! So I try to stay informed. :-D)