January 27, 2010


Hi everyone! I'm Noble, the other sister, *dramatic bow* and as my first project I decided to fix the desk in the living room. As you can see from this picture it was pretty frightening, and a huge eyesore which is a problem since it's the first piece of furniture you see when you walk in the front door.

So I worked a little bit of elbow grease magic on it and voila! Much better. :-) Of course, I couldn't just stop at the desk so then I rearranged all the furniture in the living room but I forgot to take a picture of it so that will have to come up later. (I adore moving furniture around.)
And! I didn't watch any late night talk shows while fixing it. :-)

January 26, 2010

A project!

Hi, my name is Courtney (everyone: Hi, Courtney!), and today I only watched half of an anime episode. (everyone: Yay, Courtney!)

Instead I did some things away from my computer! One of the things I did was tidy my poor messy dresser top. Tada!

Here it is afterwards (success! And I promise I didn't just cram everything into the drawer):

Did worthwhile things today: check. :-D


January 25, 2010


Introductions are so awkward. You wonder, "Did I maybe already meet this person before? Last week?" Or if you know you didn't, then you wonder, "How much should I say about myself? Just my name? Where I'm from? A chronological list of the jobs I've held for the last 10 years? How many siblings I have? My favorite kind of toothpaste?" Ok, maybe we're not that neurotic. But it's still a hard decision.
We'll give you the basics. Noble. Courtney. Married to respective Husbands (hence the housewives status). Discovered that online tv shows (among other distractions) are so tempting, when there's a world of fun stuff to do and see (and take pictures of!). Here is our antidote: a blog, for showing (and talking about) the cool things we did instead of (or while....) indulging in our tv tastes. Cause everything is more fun if you get to show somebody pictures of it afterwards. And there's two of us because as Solomon says: "Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil." (Plus this way each of us gets at least one reader!)

So this is our endeavor. Cheers!

Courtney and Noble