October 27, 2010

It's been a while

Again! I'm not very good at regular posting. But I might be better now...

Anyway here is something I've been up to:

I hemmed a friend's bridesmaid dress and wanted to do something with the pretty pink scraps I cut off, so I made flowers! Once I made them, I glued/sewed them onto barrettes & clippies so they can be clipped onto hairstyles/button holes/purse loopies. I think making these is pretty much the funnest craft because first you get to sit around and melt little fabric circles and then you get to sew them into flowers!

I used several different online tutorials for inspiration...
Here's one I found after I started making them. I think this girl's are pretty! Her idea of clipping the edges was clever...I'll try that next time.

I saw this one floating around at some point, but of course couldn't find it while I was actually making mine so I didn't use it...but they're pretty, too!

And I saw this one, but was too lazy to cut all the different shapes, so I just used a variety of circle sizes instead.

The basic principle behind all of the tutorials is the same...you cut out some flowery shapes. Then you melt the edges of your fabric so that a) it won't fray and b) it crinkles up in a flower-like way. Sew all your flowery shapes together into one flower (I used a little scrap of fabric to back mine, and sewed all the petals to that). Finally, stick (i.e. glue or sew) a barrette/clippy to the back of your flower. Tada! Yep, it's fun.