June 17, 2010

My old-ish project

Well, this has been done for a while now but I thought better late than never! :-)

First I got a frame on clearance (and then an extra 15% off with my employee discount!) at work. It was on clearance because someone had tried to glue stuff to it and then ripped the stuff off leaving weird cardboardy residue

So I got some paint (67 cents! - employee discount) and some paint brushes ($1.99 for a set of four. - employee discount)
Then I spent all of about 15 minutes putting several coats of paint on the back and inside edge of the fame. (yay for living someplace where the weather causes paint to dry in seconds.)

Then I used a coupon and printed out some pictures that I've taken of the plants around here at costco for less than $4. Using a combination of stick tack, double sided tape, and some extra paper, I arranged the photos inside the frame on the wall!

June 1, 2010

I'm still alive!

I promise. :-D I'm just working a lot these last few months. Which is good for my bills! Not so much for my creative side. But we all must make sacrifices in the name of staying alive, and as much out of debt as possible.
Anyways, I *do* have a project I finished a while ago just haven't gotten around to taking pictures of it (my bad). So hopefully that will be up soon! And I know Courtney's disappearing into oblivion for a while so I'll try to step up my game here.