February 26, 2012

Brain Over-load
...Shutting Down

Lately, I've had so much to think about and do, my brain seemed to go into a jumbled mess. You know the times when you can't figure out your left from your right, 2+3, and what it was you were supposed to be doing before you were standing in the middle of the room wondering what is was you were doing...
We all have our moments. My goal for this week is to to make those moments, more like days or weeks which then turn into months, which then...ok, so I do have some hours of lucidity. Anywho, my goal is to make those amnesia plagued days few and far between. As I am a devout schemer/list maker (I love lists), I've created a list of things I mean to get in the habit of:

N. 1. Not staying up so late! I am terrible about going to bed when my body says it's ready to conk.

N. 2. Drinking minimal amounts of caffeine; this will ensure that I am able to go to sleep when I want to.

N.3. Tut tut to sugar and irregular meals. Keeping to regular meal times should help my body recognize patterns in my day and not binging on sugar will make wanting to eat normal meals easier and it's better for me all the way around.

N. 4. Not taking on more than I can handle. It's easy for me to say "yes" but it tends to pile up like unread mail.

N. 5. Lastly, prioritizing; doing what needs to be done before it becomes last minute (I'm really bad at this).

I was going to say something inspirational here but it ended up sounding like The Little Engine That Could, so I erased it.
Any of you have something you've been meaning to get into the habit of?


1 comment:

  1. Those sound like good habits. Remember to set nice achievable goals in order to reach those habits! :) (Oh, and coming to live with us would be one of the best ways of controlling your sugar intake, haha)