October 24, 2011


I have been nesting today! Kaitie came over last night to stay with me (Noel is out of town visiting his brother) and today she's been my totally awesome helper; rearranging furniture, doing dishes... at this moment she's making me food! And while that sounds like *she* has been nesting I promise that I was doing stuff too. It was really nice that Noel got to go to visit his brother over night  last night one last time before Babygirl gets here, and I really enjoyed the opportunity to devote an entire day to cleaning and reorganizing without feeling like I was abandoning Noel. (Although I do miss him terribly!)

I've been stalking craigslist recently looking for a) a changing table or b) bookcases to stash baby stuff on, and on Saturday night I found a changing table in Cosi for $30! Whoo! (The next nearest nice one was in Olympia or some such nonsense and not as cheap.) So on Sunday I went and picked it up and this is what it looks like empty.

Pay no attention to the dresser... it's waiting for its turn to be taken care of.
Now I plan on papering the shelves at some point so they're not quite so blah, but it is a very sturdy little table! (I watched the gal's five or six year old daughter clamber all over it while I was waiting to take it away with me, and it didn't even wobble.) And since I am a very impatient person and couldn't wait till I had paper to put down, I went ahead and gathered my baskets for organizing baby stuff and this is what it looks like (mostly) done!
I did wipe it down with a some Simple Green first and then water, just as a peace of mind factor so that I could put stuff on it on not feel like I needed to wash everything again.

We also reorganized *both* closets in the bedroom and moved the other baby furniture around to make room for the table (Babygirl has her own wall in the living room for her things, and I'm trying to keep it all contained it *her* space). We even went to the thrift shop and found a nice flannel sheet ($1.50) to cut up and use for wipes! I'm so excited to have gotten all this done (couldn't have done it without you, Kaitie!) and to have it off my mind.

 Do y'all like to tackle projects on the weekends, or on the weekdays when spouses are away at work? Do you love (or love to hate) craigslist? What projects do you have piled up to tackle?


  1. Aww, it looks great! (Can't wait to see more pictures of your apartment, too!)Isn't having all your baby stuff together so much fun?

    I work on all projects during the week...usually before Blaze gets up. On the weekends, with both Blaze and Ryan asleep, it's harder to motivate myself to get up early and work! And once they're both up, I have two people who need my attention. :)

    And you have two closets in your bedroom??? That is awesome. I must put that on my dream house description. :)

  2. Thank you! Hopefully we'll be hanging up more artwork this weekend and I'll try and get pictures of the apartment then. (Haha, a reason to clean *everything* one more time!) I really do like having all her stuff together, it helps me feel much more prepared. :-)
    Haha, that makes sense! Two boys who love and adore you would make projects hard. :-)
    And I do! One of them is a regular clothes closet thing, with the folding doors and the bar for hanging stuff, and the other is a single door with a bunch of (super deep) shelves behind it. Like a pantry... but for your bedroom. :-P