October 28, 2011

Jack of All Trades

"She should have not one trade but twenty hobbies; she, unlike the man, may develop all her second bests. This is what has been really aimed at from the first in what is called the seclusion, or even the oppression, of women. Women were not kept at home in order to keep them narrow; on the contrary, they were kept at home in order to keep them broad." ~ G. K. Chesterton, What's Wrong With World

(In case anyone needed justification for the 20 unfinished projects she has going at any one time.)

Shall I tell you mine to sooth your guilty conscience (using the phrase "at least I don't have as many as Candis")?

A cross-stitch sampler I started when my oldest was 2 years old (truly my oldest unfinished project)
A summer dress for my youngest daughter (all that is left to do is the pesky zipper)
A crocheted lap quilt
A knitted baby blanket
An awesome wooden lazy susan that I hope to repaint and freshen up
A photo collage (need to collect and print out the photos, of course)
A recycled sweater blanket (who has taken my large acrylic ruler?!)

I love that I can be at home learning to be cook, nurse, counselor, housekeeper, seamstress, knitter, and teacher, etc. And I thank God and my husband for the opportunity to do so.


  1. I think I could beat you, but I'm worried I would feel too guilty if I counted them all, so I won't. ;)

    I have a recycled sweater baby blanket unfinished, too...it only needs one more square, but the thing is that Blaze has started using it already! So whenever I go to work on it during his nap, I realize that it is wrapped around his cuddly little body. Whoops.

    Great quote, Mom! and I love the picture, too. Looks yummy!

  2. And of course, because I couldn't resist...I started ANOTHER project this evening...but I'm not telling what it is...you'll have to wait and see. Ü