October 22, 2011

5 Things That Whacked Me in the Head

My mom has a list for us this Saturday, but she has been so busy bearing fruit in real life, co-hosting a baby shower, etc., that she hasn't had time to post. Her list is of ideas that have struck her from My Life for Yours (by Douglas Wilson), the book she is going through in the women's book study she is part of. The chapter they went over recently is "Sleep in the Bedroom."   Here is what she says, and her list of five things she's been inspired to do by the chapter: 

Some chapters [of My Life for Yours] are encouraging and good to remember
and some chapters whack me in the head. Sleep in the Bedroom did that for me this week. 

[5 Things to Whack You in the Head]

1.       Honor the Lord by rising early
2.       Be thankful for the blessing of work – work hard
3.       Recognize God cares for us and He is tender with His people
4.       Recognize that the peace that makes no sense is a BLESSING from God…not something we drum up
5.       Learn and sing psalms of gratitude

 She would have given us some other good words as well, but she was so busy! We will have to look forward to next time. 

We'll see you back here on Monday!

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  1. Anyone interested in My Life for Yours by Douglas Wilson can find it at canonpress.org or amazon.com also has it. I can't recommend it enough.