January 29, 2013

The Gentle Art Of Domesticity

In case you missed it on my Facebook page, or I haven't had a chance to personally extol the virtues of this book to you yet, I would like to take this opportunity to share a snippet from the afterword with you.

"For me it is recognition--recognition of the worth of homemaking, of overlooked skills, of ordinary things. Above all it is the recognition of the small but significant moments that come with an acceptance and enjoyment of the domestic space. ... We should recognize the moments of inspiration or luxury, the delights of domestic nature and style, and allow them to flourish and become a memory, so that we can hold on to them and keep them with us as reminders that although our situations may change, we are always able to recognize the significance and value of domesticity." - Jane Brocket, The Gentle Art of Domesticity (pg 274)

 This book is so delightful, I was absolutely captivated the entire time. While she enjoys domestic skills that I don't quite adore yet (knitting, crocheting, quilting) it was still very nice to read about how each of those talents is a joy and inspiration to her. And I love her writing style. And this book. Read it, dears. You won't be sad you did!

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