January 31, 2013

How To Be A Domestic Goddess

"You might think that preparing the cups sounds fiddly, but in fact the job is just demanding enough to make one feel uncharacteristically competent, but not so much that any actual dexterity is required." - Nigella Lawson, on getting ramekins ready for molten lava cakes.

 This book has been so much fun to look through! And Nigella has inspired me to make cakes (I'm going out to pick up come chocolate as soon as Addie is up). The first one I'm going to try is her "Dense Chocolate Loaf Cake". If you could see the picture you would understand my choice. In her words, "This is the plainest of loaf cakes-- but that doesn't convey the damp, heady aromatic denseness of it. To understand that you'll just have to cook it. And as you'll see, that isn't hard at all." Well if you say so, I know I'm game!

Happy Domestic-ness To You All!

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