December 10, 2011

Saturday (day)Dreaming

It's Saturday again; the day we all like to putz about and do nothing but daydream. I love daydreaming -- it's my favorite hobby. Not only is it my favorite hobby, it is the hobby I am best at. Anywho, one of my more frequent daydreaming topics is traveling. I love to travel; whether by car, plane, or train or foot traveling puts a hum in my voice and a hop in my step -- placet mihi (it makes me happy). For my fellow travelers who'd like to know (and even for those who wouldn't) here, are my five top places I've been daydreaming about recently.

1. New Hampshire (in the Fall, of course): I'd love to drive down an old country road just to see all the beautiful trees.

2. Washington D.C.: I'm a history buff -- D.C. has a natural attraction. Museums, museums, and did I mention museums? Plus, all the gorgeous architecture.

3. England: I have loved England since J.M. Barrie and Shakespeare...and Jane Austen...and Charles Dickens...oh, and C.S. Lewis... Need I say more?

4. South Korea...Aja-aja fighting! ^-^: Aha, just kidding. Jeju (pronounced: tchae-tchoo) is a little island in South Korea that has fields of the most beautiful yellow flowers. There's even a festival in the Spring show-casing them. But really, fields of bright yellow flowers, unless you're allergy prone, there's no downside. :)

5. Everywhere: Ok, honestly, can you minimize your list of, have-yet-to-see-places, down to five? I can't; it's like saying I love one of my children more than the other -- shouldn't be possible, sad when done... (saying I had any children, of course).

My list is almost limitless; I'll admit there are places I could do without seeing, but in general, I'd like to see the world. What about you? Are there any places you've just got an itch to see? Tell me, I'd love to hear?


  1. Haha, Kaitie, you are awesome. What a fun list. I dream about seeing China someday. :) Maybe on our sisters trip that we'll take when we're in our 60s. :)

  2. I'd like to see China too, maybe not even the main cities but the more rural provincey places. :)