December 14, 2011

                                         Christmas A La Carte...

Christmas is only eleven days away and the holiday spirit is rising with its quick approach.

This holiday season I have been enjoying a wide variety of Christmas music: Carols, jazz, crooners, blues, rock, techno, hip-hop, gospel, etc. The list goes on but as with most music, a staple artist this year has been Michael Buble; in particular his album, Christmas. 

I love it! He compiled our favorite songs from: Ave Maria (which surprised me) to, Cold December Night (I have a hard time keeping my head from bobbing with the bells.) Aka, traditional and non-traditional. As always, he hits every song spot on -- including Santa Baby (Don't be alarmed, I know this song is traditionally sung by a girl but I think you'll enjoy his rendition). Mr. Buble's expertise in picking all our favorite bits of our favorite versions of a song and combining them into one, is brilliant. His ability to take other's songs and still have his own unmistakable style stamped on them, is positively genius -- plus, it's wonderful on the ears. ;)

Anywho, enough gushing. Here, is a link to his album and the great part about it is, you get to choose the songs you want listen to -- a blessing from the internet...or rather, a gift from God. :)

I hope you enjoy this album while you're racing about trying to get all the last little details taken care of before the big day! Happy (early) Christmas!

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