November 9, 2011


Don't know about you, but I'm always on-the-go -- errands, work, etc. Much to the amusement of anyone who looks over, I'm a steering-wheel-head-bobbing-thumb-tapper, I love singing while driving. My latest, on-my-way-to-somewhere-band is, She & Him.

What do you all like to listen to in the car?


  1. Whoa, so I went and listened to that song and read the little spotify blurb. I had heard of "She & Him" but I didn't know She was Zooey Deschanel! Crazy! She's so cute *and* she can sing??

    Thanks for posting that, Kaitie! I'd been meaning to listen to them for a while but hadn't yet. :)

  2. I know! I really like her tone, it's kinda folky/retro. Plus, I can sing along with her. :D