November 23, 2011

Christmas music...

Yep, I've done it! I've started listening to Christmas music. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, anyway! I'm a bit under the weather so I'm not sure what we're going to do for Thanksgiving (my lovely friend who invited us for dinner is pregnant, and I'm pretty sure she does *not* want the flu). I wanted the house to be tidy anyway, so I played a little Christmas music for some pep and energy while doing my clean up.

Our Christmas music choices are a little limited. :) It's a cultural thing -- when two people come from two different families, chances are they like different kinds of music. Sure enough, I like Bing Crosby and a host of other 40s crooners, while Ryan likes medieval Christmas chants. He thinks the crooners are fluffy, I think the chants are gloomy (I do like some chants! Just not at Christmas. Call me a philistine if you will. :))

The one thing we both like is Christmas carols, so that's what we listen to. My first choice is Robert Shaw & the Robert Shaw Chamber Singers' album Songs of Angels and the song that's been giving me a little spring in my step today is "Susani" (That's a Grooveshark link -- haven't been able to find this version elsewhere yet!).

Hope you like it! What's your favorite kind of Christmas music? And do you know any other good albums of carols?


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  1. Haha, that's so funny. Choral music is pretty -- I mean, it could have been techno-Christmas... :P