November 5, 2011

You Can Never Be Too Prepared

I can feel the excitement of holidays approaching in the air. We feel extra anticipation around here because Noble's baby is due this month! And with all these activities creeping up on me quickly I am trying to think of what I can get done now to keep the our Thanksgiving dinner from being something I might be less than thankful for.

Five things to prepare for Thanksgiving

1. Plan the menu now. Can't start preparing if you don't know what you are preparing for.
2. Start watching grocery store sales for your turkey.
3. Make enough pie dough for all the pies you'll need. Pat it into a disc, then tightly wrap in foil or plastic wrap and freeze. Let the dough defrost overnight before baking.
4. Make cranberry sauce and either can it up or freeze it for later.
5. Shop now for all of the things you will need that aren't fresh, ie chicken stock and canned pumpkin.

Does anyone have other things they accomplish early to prepare for Thanksgiving? I would love to hear about it to help me be even more put together.
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  1. Oh, how nice! Thanks for posting this, Mom. I'm not sure where we'll be for Thanksgiving yet (Ryan is thinking maybe Moscow, because Brad B. will be there :)), but this reminds me to ask Ryan if he has found anything more out yet.

    And if I am going to be in charge of a Thanksgiving meal, I will definitely use your list -- and soon! :) Love it!