February 18, 2010

Sporks, Foons, and Knives.

That's right, silverware! Yay. :-D Mine has been getting pretty scarily water spotted since we moved to AZ where our apartment came with a dishwasher. (Not dissin' the washer here, since I love being able to load two meals worth of dishes into it and have them *all* be clean in less than an hour. O.O) Anyways, spots, lots of them, and weirdly enough, rust! Yucks.

And I promise, that's not food, it's just water spots.

So this week I hauled all of my scary silverware from its comfy resting place and spent an hour or so scouring all the weird stuff off. It's all so nice and sparkly now! I even washed out the holder!



  1. Nice! My dishwasher leaves spots and rust all over my silverware, too! I thought maybe it was just my detergent, but if your dishwasher is doing it....maybe it's just a dishwasher thing. Super aggravating. :-P I should scrub mine down, too! Did you use anything special to scrub them with?

    My dishwasher is as a whole so silly that sometimes I forget why I use it. :-P I have to get every single speck of food off the dishes before I put them in anyway! Haha, by the time they're in there, they're clean! It does dry them nicely though. :) Very helpful when hard water means I can't just wash them and let them set.

  2. Yeah I think it's dishwashers + city water. :) I just used bar keepers friend and a scouring pad. *nods*

    Haha! Bummer dude... Ours is pretty good about dealing with little pieces left of dishes, I just have to be careful about coffee mugs with any coffee grounds left in the bottom. They have a magic ability to save themselves by clinging to any available dish surface. :-P