February 2, 2010

Bear with me.

Alright, I (Noble) caught a stomach bug this weekend so progress on getting things looking so pretty and picture-fied has been moving *veeeeeeeeeeery* slowly! And it doesn't help that my stolen wifi is uber slow either. >_< But! I'm feeling much better and hopefully things will get rolling here soon, and without wreaking too much havoc on anyone's life. I'll try to point out any significant updates with a post, but if that doesn't happen you can pretend it's a treasure hunt. *beams*

*edit* So the header is a bunch of pretty pictures for y'all to look at until I can pull together some pictures that go more with the blog. Ciao!


  1. Aww, I like these pictures! :) They're cute! And I recognize that little angel... :-D

  2. Thank you. :) Lol, yes, that is your angel. I love Willow Tree. O.O *pats angels*

  3. I have the little red clock in my dining room too! Hope you feel better, Noble!