February 23, 2010

A Laundry Day

So today my oh-so-chic project was the laundry. I've been helping my mother with laundry ever since I was little, but I just had this realization:

Now that I'm married, I am the Underwear Fairy. Just like the Tooth Fairy magically knows that you lost a tooth and comes to give you a note and a quarter, the Underwear Fairy magically knows when you're almost out of underwear. Then she washes it, folds it, and the next day you find it there in your drawer again...even though you didn't tell anyone you were almost out of underwear! It's magic (sadly, you don't get a quarter when the underwear fairy finds out you've worn all your underwear).

When you're the Underwear Fairy, you know the tricks of the trade. But to everyone else, it is definitely magic.

Haha, ok. Pardon my flights of fancy. :) But it just made me laugh to be the underwear version of the Tooth Fairy.

I didn't take any gruesome before and after pictures of the laundry because a) they wouldn't be that gruesome (since there's only two people in this apt.), and b) who wants to see other people's dirty laundry? Not me! :)

But I thought I would share my project with you. 'Til next time!


1 comment:

  1. Don't you love that! It's like, "I am *magical*, and you now have clean clothes because *I* waved my magic wand." :-P