March 6, 2012

Projects from Last Month -- Noble

What month was it? Oh yeah, February. Whew. 

 We did finally bite the bullet and move *everything* around in our apartment so that Noel and I could stop going to bed at 8 o'clock at night when Addie went to bed. (That's not every night, but it is a few.) So one fine Sunday we moved everything around and put all of Addie's stuff in the room with a door, brought the shelves up off the far wall to create a screen for half of the living room and turned the other side into our bedroom! 

Our newly rearranged living room. Nice and cozy.
 Our side of the screen. That wall sticker is actually my other project of the month. Don't let it's imagined simplicity fool you! It came in several pieces that had to be aligned *juuuuuuust* so (which never did happen). And it's even trickier without stable footing; all told I think it took me the better part of an hour.

 Someday there will be a picture of the nursery/office but of course that room is the one that never quite recovered from the move. (Funny how that happens.)

And here is a picture of my other (slightly more time-consuming, but definitely worth-while) project! Ain't she sweet?

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  1. Looks good! And I can't tell you how much I love that series of pictures of Addie. She looks like she will be trouble when she gets older. ;) A little mischievous glint in her eye....