March 5, 2012

Projects from Last Month -- Courtney

So this week we're all (cross your fingers!) going to share the projects we worked on last month, so that we can see what's been happening! Not that we don't talk to each other on the phone, but sometimes you forget to mention things on the phone...and you can't really share (good) pictures over the phone.

So my big project from last month was our new house! In fact, I really didn't work on anything else all month (except maybe 1/2 hour total on poor Ryan's pair of socks that will probably be ready in time for next winter). This is our house at this exact moment! You are sharing in our winter sunlight, and our brown Boise lawn. If you were coming to visit me, you could walk right up our driveway (don't step in the oil...since we moved in two of our friends have had their cars break down in our driveway and pour oil), and up the sidewalk...

Stop and admire our cute doormat, and then come in!

This is the view from our front door (sorry for the washout :)).

If you look to your left, you'll see our kitchen:
(I could not make my camera focus for the life of me, but you can still see that the cabinets are beautiful!)
This is the kitchen viewed over the bar. Our shelf is helping out, since the cabinets are scarce. I think the metal gives us kind of a steam punk feel.

And here is a closer picture of our living room area:
See our new brown couch! It was cheap, and comfortable. Also see our new ottoman, which we got instead of a coffee table after my in-laws cautioned us on the hazards of coffee tables for just-learning-to-walk kiddos. :) Not that Blaze is walking yet, but I see it in his future!

If you were actually coming to visit, I would have cleaned the bathrooms, and then I would let you see if you want to see the bathrooms, you might just have to come visit! We also have a study, our bedroom, and the baby's room, but you'll have to wait on those for another day...



  1. Everything looks soooo lovely. And your couch looks great! I am thrilled for you all that you have room to move around and even entertain! I can't wait to see it in person. Ü

  2. I love your house! I wish I could come visit you. :)(Haha, cars are so bad like that...)