January 27, 2011

Baby Things!

These are for me, but I need them because this baby is growing (23 1/2 weeks now!):

They're not maternity -- just normal, but the skirts are two sizes up from what I'd normally wear! I'll wear them low-rise, under the bump. :) For $12 at Goodwill, definitely worth it! And I love the springy Easter egg colors. My philosophy is, since it's January, spring is on its way!

Here are the two sweaters I've made for the smidge. The blue one, of course, in case it's a boy, and the pink one if it's not! They're actually from the same pattern, which is free on Ravelry. The blue one looks more like the original pattern. :)


  1. beautiful sweaters!
    What an exciting time for you of expectancy. I remember the days so well :o)

  2. Thanks, Lori! I know, it's exciting because it feels like my due date is far away and at the same time getting close so quickly!

  3. These are gorgeous!!!!! Don't you love making things for little baby? I can't wait to visit the States and stock up on baby yarn....since I have a jellybelly due in October. :) Congrats, Courtney. I am your newest follower, by the way. I'll have fun checking out your projects...I love crocheting and sewing and all kinds of stuff.

  4. take lots and lots of pictures of him in the pink frilly one, so as to maximize future embarrassment :-D