November 24, 2013

The Advent of Advent!

I am being so good and not decorating for Christmas before Advent begins! But Advent festivities take a lot of prep for me, so I am starting to get myself in gear. I have my projects lined up!

-- We are making clay ornaments for our Jesse tree (starting these today, since they have to dry!). I use this baking soda & cornstarch clay recipe:

-- I want to try making these Christmas Baubles (and perhaps stringing them in a garland?):

-- I'm learning to make wreaths! Our big fir tree lost a limb so a friend of mine showed me how to wrastle the branches into wreaths with floral wire. Maybe I'll put up a picture, but the ones I have made so far are definitely a bit...oval.

-- And of course we want to make paper snowflakes and stick them up everywhere.

Have you started your Christmas decorating, or your decorating prep? What is your project list?

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  1. I think it's so cool that you're learning to make wreaths! I don't have too many projects lined up yet, but I really haven't cracked open my Christmas boxes so we'll see if I'm inspired to do anything new this year. I *am* going to (try) and make cookies to take to our neighbors though!