June 8, 2012


We Handermanns are doing a detox diet this month (and seeing great results with our eczema: we're pretty excited!). But right now our food choices are limited by that: it's been meat and veg boiled in broth for the last week, for every meal. Tomorrow we get to have scrambled eggs for breakfast and I am so thrilled. I keep talking about it. And really, I keep thinking about food in general -- all my favorite foods that I will be so grateful to get back to!

I hadn't realized before just how much food is part of my daily routine -- Ryan laughed when I said this to him. But, look, until this week I ate two eggs for breakfast every morning, I had a cup of tea with cream in it while Blaze was down for his nap, salad or soup for lunch, a meat dish for dinner and sometimes a little something sweet or even some popcorn for winding down with Ryan in the evening. Having just soup really throws off my day! It's hard to feel the rhythm without my markers.

A lovely side effect, though, is that during all the thinking I'm doing about food, I've been reminiscing about the key foods I remember throughout my life. So many of my big memories are tied up in food! Sitting with my dad at McDonalds, learning to eat french fries just the right way (two at a time, dipped in ketchup). Chocolate-tofu pudding during Mom's meatless kick. Dad's guacamole, and his omelets! Pumpkin pie for breakfast every Thanksgiving morning; swedish hots with berry syrup for breakfast on Christmas or New Years. Summertime shopping dates with my mom and sisters, getting Safeway chinese food and two-scoop waffle cones on the way home. Coffee shop cinnamon rolls during finals weeks at college. Barely-browned hamburgers with Ryan on our dinner dates while we were engaged. Just a spattering, but it's been a tasty life.     God has definitely given me my daily bread.

(I'm already making my recipe to-do list for next month...I've never wanted to meal-plan this far in advance before!)

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