April 3, 2012

Good Friday -- Funeral in Preparation for the Most Glorious Day...Ever.

       As Christians, Easter is our most important holiday.

       The Son of God, Jesus, came onto Earth as the son of man, was murdered, conquered death, saved us from our sins and God's wrath, and then rose again. This is how we comprehend Easter.

       Easter is a huge celebration of Jesus having conquered the grave and washed our sins away, "What can wash away my sins? Nothing but the blood of Jesus..." A familiar tune to most of us, right? Right.

       So why am I posting on this subject? I got this empty feeling one night as I was going to bed and thought to myself, "Instead of vegging out on Hulu or Netflix, why not watch a sermon?" It was Palm Sunday and I was sure to find something filling at Mars Hill. I did.

       I am compelled to share it with all of you today; it really hit my soul hard and maybe it will hit you, too. Here it is! I hope you gain from this. I was going to say, "enjoy" but this sermon doesn't really give you something entertaining to enjoy but rather something worth understanding and pondering.

       Dante warns his readers not to pass a certain point in his Divine Comedy unless they are reverent and truly pondering the worth and meaning of his words. He explains that entering through the gates of Hell in a lighthearted manner and looking for amusement will ultimately lead to destruction and death. Dante knew that people could find amusement in his Inferno.

        Hell is real. Sin is real. Evil is real. It isn't to be taken lightly. I'd like to give the same warning; I would encourage you to NOT watch this video if you are looking for amusement in listening to a Mark Driscoll rant. Granted, they are amazingly wonderful and Biblically correct and sometimes very funny -- not this time.

        I imagine some could find amusement in the most horrific of murders. After-all, don't we entertain ourselves when reading a murder mystery or listening intently to details of the latest murder on the news? Yes, yes, I'm pulling from Neil Postman -- appropriately.

        Ironically, and because of this murder, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter, filled with joy, laughter, and God's blessings.

         Much Love,

P.S. I know the video is an hour long but it is worth listening to. :-)  

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  1. Thanks for posting, Kaitie! I'll have to listen to this soon. Sounds like to it will be good to listen to while I'm doing Easter prep!