July 16, 2010

I am back from my travels. I was gone for over a month! In the mean time, a little potato plant I'd been trying to grow died.

Not only that, but the entire pint of water that it was in evaporated! Boise is a dry city.
Since we're (mostly) in town for the rest of the summer, we bought a tomato plant last Saturday. His name is Bob. I LOVE the way tomato plants smell. :)

And, on the craftier side of things, I found a lovely bunch of fabrics at garage sales last week! Here is the whole stack, a total of 12 1/2 yrds for 5.65.

I'm especially fond of the prints...the yellow roses,

the tropical birds,

and the strange abstract floral that's on top of the pile. I'm thinking they would make cute skirts or sundresses (and boy are sundresses nice in this weather!). And the solids can go into my "muslin" pile. :)

I'm developing a fabric stash...how happy!

Until next time,

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